Marc Girons Lopez


I am a hydrologist at the the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI). I mainly contribute to the Swedish, European (EFAS), and global (Aristotle) hydrological warning services. Other relevant tasks are ice break-up forecasting, large-scale flood forecasting, and long-range streamflow forecasting. My work lies at the confluence between research and production and my day-to-day includes communication, analysis of large datasets, model development, and quality control.

My driving force is being able to contribute to social progress and well-being by reducing society’s vulnerability to extreme events such as floods and droughts. I believe that achieving a sustainable development model is possible and I want to contribute with my grain of sand towards that end.

Besides water, I am a big enthusiast of the great outdoors in all seasons. I enjoy hiking, skiing, ice-skating, and paddling, among others. I enjoy music (both playing and dancing!) and taught myself to play the guitar. One day I hope to do the same with the accordion, balalaika, recorder and ukulele.


Aug 19, 2021 I just refreshed my website based on the awesome al-folio Jekyll theme.

Selected publications

  1. HESS
    Girons Lopez, M., Crochemore, L., & Pechlivanidis, I. G. (2021). Benchmarking an operational hydrological model for providing seasonal forecasts in Sweden. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 25(3), 1189–1209.
  2. HESS
    Girons Lopez, M., Vis, M. J. P., Jenicek, M., Griessinger, N., & Seibert, J. (2020). Assessing the degree of detail of temperature-based snow routines for runoff modelling in mountainous areas in central Europe. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 24, 4441–4461.
  3. WRR
    Girons Lopez, M., Di Baldassarre, G., & Seibert, J. (2017). Impact of social preparedness on flood early warning systems. Water Resources Research, 53(1), 522–534.